Paletten Gela Liquid® drums
Transportverpakking: per palet 18 stuks van 25 kg


Preparation system for Gela Gelatin® in blocks according to PH Liquid patents

Block Gela Gelatin® Fortior


66 l water
11 kg CarboHydraten
14 kg Gela Gelatin®
3 kg nitrite salt
3 kg glycerine
3 kg PH Liquid Extract 6014
100 kg Gela Gelatin® buffer system

Block Gela Gelatin® Forti


72 l water
8 kg CarboHydraten
11 kg Gela Gelatin®
3 kg nitrite salt
3 kg glycerine
3 kg PH Liquid Extract 6014 (buffer pH : 4,4)
100 kg Gela Gelatin® buffer system

Method of preparation :

The same method applies to both formulas.

The initial water temperature is 20°C maximally.  Add granular gelatine and let swell during 30 minutes.

Heat to a temperature of 60°C and add all other substances in the correct order while stirring.  Bring the temperature up to 80°C and maintain this temperature during 5 to 10 minutes, until the Gela Gelatin® is completely transparent.  It is very important that this temperature of 80°C is maintained during approximately 15 minutes, in order to kill all yeasts and fungi in the tap or well water.

Storage of buffered Gela Gelatin® blocks

Pour into special plastic bags, that are put in a meat container and automatically take on the correct shape while cooling down for further storage in a refrigerator.  When using the Gela Gelatin®, simply remove the plastic bag and heat the product until it reaches the well-known temperatures for use as covering and protecting film to prevent liver preparations in pots, headcheese, etc. from drying out and as spray to apply a film on salami preparations.



Appliance used for the preparation :

A double-walled stainless steel or aluminium kettle, with steam or hot water heating.

This production system is very economical and very easy to use.  The average cost price per kg varies between 1.50 euro/kg for buffered Gela Gelatin® Fortior and 1.45 euro/kg for buffered Gela Gelatin® Forti.


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